Efficient goal achievement based on scientifically proven methods.

What we do

We develop mobile apps which help users to achieve their goals more efficiently, using scientifically proven methods and artificial intelligence. Making progress on goals is one of the major sources of success and happiness in life, and willpower is one of the major preconditions to be able to do so.

Our history 

Our company was founded based on the idea that everybody should have goals, document them and work on them on a regular basis to become happier and more successful in life. Science has found many ways to improve the process of making progress on goals. The better someone is in making progress on goals, the happier someone is. Precondition is that progress is made on professional, personal and fitness goals in a well balanced manner.

Our vision

To help people set and achieve sustainable goals and thus to become happier and more successful.

Who should use our products

Everybody who would like to rely on scientifically proven methods to become happier and more successful.