SMART goal achievement with improved willpower, motivation and self-control

Willpower is a general strength which influences how we think, how we act and how capable we are to reach our goals. Willpower is more critical to success and happiness in life than intelligence. This Android app helps you to improve your willpower, motivation and self-control in the short-term and in the long-term, based on scientifically proven methods.

Boost your willpower

The function “Willpower Boost” motivates you to take actions which strengthen your willpower in the specific situation you are in. In addition it gives easy to understand instructions and learns over time to support you even better. This will take you one step further towards your goals, whenever you use this app and apply this method.

Manage your goals

Plan SMART goals, visualize them, and track your progress on a regular basis. This helps you to keep your goals in mind and to remain motivated.

Comment and Evaluate

Comment on your goal achievement in a diary which supports you to keep your thoughts clearly arranged. Evaluate and keep track of your ability to overcome willpower challenges and improve the way you achieve your goals.

Screen shots

«What lies within our power to do,

also lies within our power not to do»

Aristotle, 384-322 B.C., Greek philosopher and polymath

How it works

The Willpower Boost function suggests 3 out of 22 actions which strengthen your willpower in the specific situation you are in. Choose one of these 3 actions and then evaluate if the action was successful or helpful. Configure reminders to not forget your daily willpower training.

The power of writing a diary

By writing down our thoughts, ideas and problems, we are forced to structure them. This process has a relaxing effect and problems are becoming less imposing. But also happy and cheerful thoughts are worth to note down. Commenting on both - obstructive and cheerful thoughts - related to your goals and willpower challenges helps you to achieve your goals more efficiently.

How to get started

Download the app from Google Play or from Amazon, define one or several goals you would like to achieve and then boost your willpower whenever needed with the willpower boost function . Remember to keep goals SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. 

We are constantly extending our product with new concepts and features. Here we are informing about our future releases.